Privacy Matters

Why Privacy Matters

Glenn Greenwald at TED - - 20:48

I, Simulation

Aral Balkan at OXS - - 46:00

The Future of Privacy

Bruce Schneier at TED - - 12:27

Is Privacy a Luxury?

Julia Angwin at Strata - - 15:09

Why Privacy?

local article by 'James Smith'

"While a bit long and perhaps dry, I tried to keep this article as simple as possible to understand in hopes that a distracted, younger audience might be able to digest it. I attempt to explain why privacy is so important, particularly in the US."  » Continue reading «

The History of the 4th Amendment - saved from

A deeper understanding of why the 4th Amendment is so important to the US.  » Continue reading «

Surveillance Self-Defense

Open-Source Tools, Tips, and Tutorials For Safer Online Communications  » Continue reading «

Nothing to Hide? - saved from

Data Being Collected About You Could Hurt Your Career or Personal Life  » Continue reading «

How Much Info Do You Share?

The following videos are on

While these videos have a 'light-hearted' and fun vibe, they are real, and the underlying message is truly disturbing. When you use social media websites, how much information are you volunteering? How much information is your social media app revealing without your knowledge?

Social Media Stalking 1   Social Media Stalking 2   Social Media Stalking 3   Social Media Stalking 4  

Always Block Ads

Malvertising ( is the use of online advertising to spread malware. More and more, online ad agencies are unintentionally serving ads that contain malware (, ransomware (, and viruses - even Google's ad servers ( have been compromised. To make matters worse, none of the companies in the chain of infection have been held financially responsible for facilitating the spread of malware that has had devastating financial consequences for tens of thousands of global web users.

Additionally, many major websites are starting to require you to disable your ad-blocking or script-blocking addons before you can view their content. Do not fall for this ( Move on to the next website, it is not worth the risk. Do not stop blocking ads and scripts.

We highly recommended uBlock Origin instead of Adblock or Adblock Plus. uBlock Origin is lighter on system resources and, unlike Adblock (Plus), does not allow advertisers to pay to bypass the addon. For added protection for advanced users, we also recommend uMatrix, NoScript, Random Agent Spoofer, and Self-Destructing Cookies in conjunction with blocklists on your router (our free DNSMasq Blocklist is a good start).

Random Thoughts

  • Has Moxie Marlinspike been bought by Google, or perhaps the feds? RE: Signal - no official app on Android without Google account and GCM. No desktop app without data-slurping Google Chrome (no thanks). On all devices Signal requires access to all your contacts before it launches (even on iOS). Why not just allow the user to manually input a contact like every other messaging app? Marlinspike may be a digital security prodigy, but his Signal project sure seems suspect.
  • Why do people still use unencrypted email and text messages for personal and private communication? Why is the world as a whole still using email for anything, really? By design, email is no different than sending a postcard through the mail. Anyone that picks up that postcard along the way can read your message. Every server that your email passes through can store the meta data (to, from, originating IP, etc.) as well as the message itself. If you must use email for personal communication, at least learn how to install and use PGP (or GnuPG or GPG - they are all compatible) to encrypt your messages. Just remember the meta data will still be unencrypted in email.