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updated 2018-05-24

The Biggest Lie Told on the Internet

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  • We do log and keep anonymous visitor statistics (details below).
  • We do not collect any personal information.
  • We do not track our users.

Concerning GDPR

  • There is no where to sign up or for the end-user to input information on this site. No personal information is collected by This is strictly an informational site.

Third-Party Links and Embedded Media

  • When we post links to other websites we show the source domain so you know which site you will end up on before you click a link.
  • Except for video, most external page links go to an archived page on the site. At the top of the page we link to, you can view the original source and visit that page if you like. We do this for your convenience in case the original is ever taken down and to prevent tracking ( strips all of this from the orginal).
  • Video links go to or However, we do not embed the videos. Instead we use a text or local image link (from our server) that you must click to go to YouTube or Vimeo to view the video. This should keep 3rd party cookies and tracking off of this site. As much as we would prefer to 'rip' the video and host it here, that would be illegal and we really don't have the bandwidth anyways.
  • Almost all third-party content/sites that we link to have their own privacy policies, tracking, cookies, etc. Always use ad-blockers and script-blocking addons (uBlock Origin, uMatrix, etc).
  • All links on this site use rel="noreferrer" to prevent sending the receiving server information about where you came from. However, not all browsers support this (Firefox does support noreferrer).

What Information is Collected by This Site

  • Like nearly all web servers, this *server logs and keeps visitor statistics. These statistics show dates, times, useragents, IP addresses, and hosts.
  • The following lines show your useragent (UA) and IP/Host address as our logs collect them.
    • UA = CCBot/2.0 (
    • IP/Host = /
  • *We do not own this server. We currently lease hosting from There is no doubt they keep visitor logs far more comprehensive than ours. They do this to help troubleshoot issues and identify threats to their systems.

How Information Is Used

  • We view our visitor logs to see what type of browsers and devices site visitors are using.
  • We occasionally look through the IPs and hosts to get an idea of which country most of our visitors are from and which ISPs they use. But you are smart and you use a proxy or VPN to spoof that information, right? Right?!
  • Seriously though, none of this information is useful in identifying you to us. We hope (in the US) the only way your ISP will identify you by IP is with a court order. *IP info is even less useful if you use a non-logging VPN or proxy (which you should be using to surf random sites like this anyways).

Data Retention

  • We keep visitor statistics as described above for up to 30 days before they are rotated. We back them up off-site daily, but delete them after a maximum of 30 days.
  • Hosting for this site is through Since they own the servers, their policies are very different from ours. You can find their privacy policy at

Use of Cookies, LSOs, Ads, or Other Tracking

  • No cookies, no LSOs, no <canvas>, no WebGL. Nothing fancy on this site, not even javascript.
  • No ads. We hate them and do not trust the companies that serve them. This site doesn't cost much to run (so far).
    * Never trust ad servers (all links go to Use ad blockers for all sites and script blockers for any site you do not need to log into. If a site will not let you view content with your ad blocker enabled, it is not worth viewing - move on.
  • Third party sites that we link to most certainly use one or more forms of tracking. It is up to you to use a proxy/VPN and configure your browser, DNS, etc to thwart tracking.


  • We currently have no need for donations as this site's traffic is minimal and easily affordable. The four of you that visit this site don't use up too much bandwidth. More seriously, we don't feel like messing about with taxes or licenses for this site - tax laws in the US are way too numerous and confusing. Did you know that as of April 2015 there are 74,608 ( pages of Federal tax law with more being added daily (no joke)? Who can keep up with that?

Thanks for stopping by!